JetTask 2.0

JetTask 2.0: JetTask is the ultimate task list software for keeping track of your tasks. Task task list software sits in your notification area, visible and ready to use at the touch of a button. Adding a task couldn’t be easier. Just type the task description and press enter. Just right click to change a task due date or set a task priority. If you make a mistake JetTask software makes it easy to Undo. You can also color code your task list to give you maximum information in minimum time. The JetTask task list software helps you get

Task Actions 1.3: Task Actions is a full-featured network multiuser system for managing tasks.
Task Actions 1.3

tasks. Each user can see the information about only those tasks that he has access to; and much more. The system for managing projects and tasks Task Actions has a built-in system for notifying users about changes applied to task parameters, such as description changes, deadline changes, new messages, etc.) Task Actions will timely notify its users about a new task and about the coming deadline for a task. Each task in Task Actions has a separate

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Outlook Task 1.1: Create a set of tasks from the Outlook task folder
Outlook Task 1.1

Task, a Windows utility designed to create a set of tasks from the Outlook task folder. Do you ever get tired of your Task folder filling up with many records related to different projects or people? Can you afford the time to read all of these task items? It would be much simpler to arrange these tasks into a more structured sets of tasks. Commonly, when you can`t quickly identify the relevance of a task or the action the task requires, you end

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Alive Task Manager Genuine electronic task scheduler. Efficient and handy.
Alive Task Manager

tasks, establish rules for postponement of tasks, etc. The support of a tree-type structure of tasks facilitates allocation of tasks with corresponding attributes. A variety of folders (for example, business, personal, employees, etc.) can be created for placement of relevant tasks. A special folder "All Tasks" displays all tasks created in Alive Task Manager. This feature is very convenient for searching and viewing. Each task in Alive Task Manager

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Task List Guru 4.0170: Freeware task list organizer. Free to do list app for Windows with reminder etc.
Task List Guru 4.0170

tasks and to-do lists with just one click. The program will remember your custom task order. Task List Guru is very easy to use and has clean and intuitive design. Features include: - Hierarchical task list tree with 48 different icons to choose from for your task lists - Reminders with snooze feature - Task notes - Clipboard support (cut/copy/paste tasks and to-do lists) - Undo/redo - Reorder tasks and task lists using drag & drop - Print - Export

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TaskAddIn 1.0

Tasks. Outlook allows you to itemize your workload, to create a task (or ToDo) list. Listing tasks is a good way to remember them, but it is almost impossible to create the right reports and to win an overview about your tasks. All this missing reporting features are part of our Outlook Addon TaskAddIn. Task-AddIn ist he perfect helper for your daily work with Outlook task. Wit Task-AddIn you can show your planed, closed, critical or just task belonging

Advanced Task Scheduler Professional Automate all your day-to-day tasks and free yourself some time.
Advanced Task Scheduler Professional

Task Scheduler. The scheduler can also be started as a Windows Service and work in the background, enabling all scheduled tasks to run smoothly without taking up any desktop space. This feature means Advanced Task Scheduler can be run even when no user is logged on. Advanced Task Scheduler can record all executed tasks in a log file or send them straight to your inbox, letting you know exactly what tasks are being executed and when. The log file

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